Our long weekend is over, most of us sluggishly make our way back to the office while we at French Accent turn to an iconic character and celebrate him as a means to get inspired for the hard work week ahead.  “Elementary”, he said.

Happy Sherlock Holmes’ Day everyone.  A man who didn’t spend a single ounce of his brain power on something trivial or tedious.  The only job that was worthy was a challenging one. Here’s a man whose logical mind is adored and revered by all.  A man who wasn’t afraid of clutter.

Generally, we all try to stay clear of the hodgepodge collection of knick knacks.  We’re striving to live in a minimalistic and neutral atmosphere. There are hundreds of books written on how to create a clutter-free environment for ourselves.  This is afterall how we can increase our personal efficiency. But is it that really the case?

We live in a world that Arthur Conan Doyle himself couldn’t imagine.  A world so open to the sharing of ideas that anything you’re looking for is at your fingertips.  While it is easy to get caught up in popular trends, have you recently stopped yourself and asked is this what’s best for me?  How can your room help you feel more inspired? What environment fuels your creative energy?

We’re not suggesting you start decorating your room with bullet holes, skulls and scientific instruments.  We’re encouraging you to try that wacky wallpaper, to add that extra object on your mantelpiece (that fabulous Persian slipper) and to go wild with your colour scheme.  We’re asking that you explore ideas for your day to day life that will promote your greatness and your inner Sherlock.

Here’s our French Accent collage inspired Sherlock Holmes Day.


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