We’re taking a cheeky glance into the past to draw on what inspires us today.

Blue is often used as a contrast or a contour, staying in the background allowing other colours to pop.  Sylvie Fleury once challenged us with her exhibition “do not think of the colour blue”, and we simply can’t.  We’ve decided that it’s time to take blue out from the back and it make into the star that it is in 2018.

Why are we, at French Accent, so mesmerized by blue?  Why not?  Many artists have had their blue period, Picasso had his femme aux bras croisés, Da Vinci decided his Virgin of the rocks would wear blue, Hokusai gave us his great wave and Henri Matisse dove in the deep blue with his cut outs.

While some saw (and see) blue as a cold and sombre colour we remember those who associated blue with the heavens.  To these original icons of the middle ages, we raise our glass and celebrate because this season French Accent is feeling blue.  Period.


Photography: Charmaine Mallari

Linens, Chairs, Vases + Napkins: Planned Perfectly

Styling, Design + Place Settings: French Accent Design



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