My charismatic boy turned 2 and we decided to do a fun lunch with some activities for him and his sister. Just the two of them… Choosing the theme was difficult, the options are endless when it’s time for your own baby’s party. He has a soft spot for the darling minions and a love for bananas so we decided to dive deep in the theme and do “one minion on the chase for bananas”. The inspiration for the color palette was very simple… two shades of yellow. When it comes to family or personal parties, it’s my time to try different things, push and test myself to take the time to learn a few things. (Who else will still love you if you fail! La famille!) One thing we tried this time, was assembling a floral arrangement in the form of a 2. I learnt the difference between faux floral foam bricks and real floral foam bricks (sounds stupid, but I never knew!) We also had this idea of hanging the 2 vertically and we ran the risk of spilling all the florals everywhere…miraculously….it stayed together.

The luncheon started with dessert of course! Sugar and Blooms made a beautiful red velvet cake with our one minion on the top. They also made chocolate cake popsicle pops and banana cookies. (the cake popsicles were a hit!) Then for lunch, the siblings were served crudités, colorful bowtie mac n cheese and Mogu Mogu pineapple juice.

After lunch activities included custom; stickers, bingo game, coloring pages with crayons and a little minions dance party. (We had to burn off the sugar) The custom stationary was such an easy way to make the kids feel extra special and it really tied the design together. The bouncing party ended up with a long afternoon nap for the birthday boy, it’s exhausting turning two and being celebrated!

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