Happy Mother’s Day!

Wow do I ever have a new appreciation for MOMS! We were so lucky to welcome our 4th member to the Jamrock crew, our son… Sena Jammu, and having two little bambinos is both rewarding and challenging… I thought I had no time before, boy was I wrong (get it….) Thank god for grandma’s…..and Sonali and Sena have the best! Thank you MOMMA BOUCHARD and MOMMA JAMMU for all that you do, without you, I would be lost… Thank you for the infinite support and love!

To all the mothers out there working a full time job, raising kids, you are beyond inspiring…….remember this….


A good mom and a flawed mom, a mom who fiercely loves her kids and a mom who needs a break.

A strong leader and a women who sometimes needs a good long hug…. A grieving mom and a thankful mom.

A gentle caring mom, and a mom that cranks up the beyonce in the car.

A stay at home mom and a working mom….

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! (ps here is a picture of the best grandmas in the world…Memere and Dadhi)

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