It’s Easy Being Green

As winter slowly fades away (it’s about time!), we’re all itching to put away our enormous coats and bust open those windows to let the stuffy winter air out. It’s time to get out of hibernation and get into spring.

There’s a reason that the colour green is often associated with characteristics such as growth, fertility, harmony and balance, it’s the colour of nature.  Our recommendation for the wellbeing of your home and your self is to spend a little green on green.

It’s no secret that greens around the home can help reduce indoor air pollution and have a reputation of creating a calming and positive atmosphere.  That’s what makes living plants inside your home so aesthetically pleasing and why they never go out of style. So add that little touch of green to complete your room’s décor or get that indoor herb garden you’ve always wanted.  That fresh herb smell can soothe the stress of the day away and give you that extra push you need to try new recipes.

I get it, there’s nothing like forgetting about a plant and letting it wither to really give you a kick in the pride.  Maybe you’re afraid of commitment or the responsibility, maybe your track record is so bad that you’ve banned yourself from even owning a plant.  Thankfully there is such a thing as low maintenance plants, and luckily we live in a time where all the information you need is at your fingertips.  Dust off the cobwebs and the laziness of winter, take five minutes of your time to find a plant that suits you.

There’s nothing like a few plants to breathe life back into your home’s décor and back into you.


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