Like I’ve said in the last post, this couple…..was amazing! They were so much fun, we wanted two things, for the design to capture who the couple are and for their guests to have the time of their lives! Now at first I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to share all this information, not quite sure why.  Maybe it’s putting myself out there and that it challenges me not to do anything similar for any of my clients, but I wanted to push myself to create something different every time. So here is MANNIE + SUMEET’S DESIGN STORY!

INSPIRATION: Alright so for this beautiful bride we had two different looks presented (actually three but I’m saving the third) First collage was green, second was mustard dusty pink.  One added tidbit was that the groom really liked the acrylic look.  Since the reception was in Buhler hall, we wanted do something a little unconventional and pair the harvest look with acrylic.

FLOORPLAN + ROOM LAYOUT: So I put together two options for Mannie’s floorplan and I’m so glad she picked Option #2.  Knowing her guest list was 150 in Buhler Hall at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights was definitely exciting! One because there aren’t many intimate East Indian weddings and two because we had lots of space to really do what we wanted to do! Often times clients are scared of a space and when standing in the empty room, it always feels like there’s too much to work with, but there are different ways to place furniture, table combinations or formations that can do the trick.  More space gives you more options.  Here’s what we had drafted for the couple.

Mannie picked the unique floorplan, which was having two rooms in one: 1. Dinner and 2. Drinks + Dance

GUESTBOOK + SEATING TABLE: Also known as the “Welcome” table.  If you’re a seasoned reader, you’ll have heard me talk about my Secret Weapon, it’s Holly Verogas. The pictures you see is exactly why.  Find your seat by finding your name on these acrylic boxes and once found, help yourself to a glass of champagne.  Oh, and remember that amazing frame Creating a Scene made for their Sangeet?  We decided to use it again, and string it with fishing twine just to add another layer of shine.  Also check out this amazing guestbook acrylic sign with the Mannie and Sumeet’s name, the wedding date and the WINNIPEG CITY SCAPE, we got made from our friends at Laser All Things. They do so many amazing things, including the acrylic table numbers (see below in centerpieces)


Now this is the Sweets wall for all those blessed with a sweet tooth including the highlighting of some amazing bakeries, why pick one when you can have 4? So let’s start with this beautiful cake by my friend Stephanie Ann Cakes. I love the elegant look, simple but chic. Let’s give it a little eclectic feel and place it in front of this backdrop color and place it on top of this amazing cake platter from Ornare Rentals (here’s my plug, for all your dessert dishware needs or even centerpieces go see my amazing friends at Ornare Rentals)

Cake + Red Velvet Cupcakes and Cookie Dough Cupcakes: Stephanie Ann Cakes

Chocolate Covered Oreos + Vanilla Sprinkle Macarons: Jenna Rae Cakes

Nutmeg Cookies with Strawberry Jam, Cake Pop with Chocolate Sprinkles, Cake Pop with Vanilla Sprinkles, Chocolate Salted Caramel Doughnut, Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut, Vanilla White Chocolate Doughnut: Sweet Impressions

and the bulk candy: Chocolate M&M’s, Real Jubes, Sour Patch Kids, Candy Kebobs!


The Bride really wanted an area for the kids so we decided to create this “KIDS CORNER” First of all how amazing are these “Pouffs” from Creating a Scene. I just love walking through their warehouse and getting inspired, they had a couple like this done in a cranberry red colour (if I remember correctly) and I simply fell in love. Maggi and the team there are absolutely amazing. The other thing you see in the background is a fort that was given to me by a friend, it worked out perfectly.




We went with lots of candles and minimal florals for this client. She wanted tons of candle light and it really made the room so ambient and there was such a warm feeling.


Like I always say “LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING!” The guys at AK Productions did an awesome job with all the lighting set up, it was beautiful. If the one thing you could get decor wise for your wedding, lighting has to be it! It just transforms the space.


These amazing custom table numbers from Laser of All Things. I literally sent him a picture and he created them perfectly!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Charmaine Mallari

VENUE: Canadian Museum for Human Rights



ROSE RUNNER: Simply Perfect Decor

LIGHTING: AK Productions

DECALS: High Point Design



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