A couple of things I took away from my October 2019 England trip is.

I’m still a lot of fun, especially when I’ve had a couple of glasses of Champagne or Red Wine.

We stayed at my sister’s friend Harriett somewhere in Leicestershire (privacy people!) and her house inspired me.  There was no trend following, or staying within this specific color palette, every piece that she had represented something, somewhere, someone in her life.  I could tell she loved every single piece.  Harriett just bought pieces that spoke to her, for example she had a little taxidermy mouse and duckling displayed in these bell cloches, she had bought them at a market when shopping with her mother. She was drawn to them, so she purchased them. They weren’t because she was adding to her collection or they went perfectly in her living room, she got a feeling. I realized when I was buying for my home, I would always stop and go, does this go with my stuff, this will clash with this, or I don’t have anything similar to this, instead of what that piece represented or the experience it represented.  My sister reminded me and said “Everything will match and work together because you love them.” Simple as that.

After the boom of Marie Kondo’s “does it bring you joy” philosophy, I was wondering, does anyone still follow this? Have we slipped back into our old habits?  Weren’t we supposed to realize that the method was supposed to be used for more than just getting rid of clutter?  When we base our decisions off trends we need to ask ourselves why we like it. Why do you honestly like these pieces or that colour.  Although the room as a whole may say something, if I zoomed into an area or a piece, would it still bring that joy? Or is it in your life simply because it happened to be the right shape or the right color?

Since that day, I buy things for my home that speak to me or it will bring me back to that experience, that moment.  To start off, here’s what I bought at Liberty in London, it’s a Rockett St. George piece, “the climbing man”.  To me, it represents the process, the road. It’s not where you were, or where you’ll be, but the JOURNEY.  I put this guy right by our door as we come in and out, that way it’s a reminder to my husband and I, and eventually the kids, to go out and create your journey.


I fell in love with Rockett St. George, so here are my top 10 pieces!

  1. Abseiling Man in Gold — Inspiring


2. Gold Dripped Side Table — It’s weird and cool! Obviously.


3. Empowered Fig Candle — I would put this on my desk and it would be a reminder (ps I am crazy for scented candles)

4. Unframed Like A Ghost In My Dreams By Rebecca Sophie Leigh — It makes me think of being in a relationship and going through dark times, but always holding on.

5. Fabulously Fantastic Pink Ostrich Feather Tree — I would love to do an event with these!


6. Serene Monkey Candle Holder — Can you say conversation piece!


7. White & Blue Oriental Koi Karp Fish Wall Decoration — Here’s the thing, usually I feel like I wouldn’t go towards something like this, but it’s speaking to me, it’s saying something “Just keep swimming” it could go in a really cool bathroom, so eclectic.


8. Set Of 4 Dark Dutch Floral Scented Drawer Liners — I mean….why not!


9. Concrete Toilet Holder — When you’re fancy and that’s it.

10. Lying Buddha Brass Door Handle — This is on my shopping list.


Hope you enjoyed!




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