Bonjour Everyone! I hope you are all getting in the festive mood (I know I am) I wanted to do something fun and show MY TOP 8 CHRISTMAS TREES for this year. So if you are Christmas Crazy like me, enjoy…… 

Numero 1 – This is my ultra favorite look for this year! This was created by designer Michael Wurm Jr. He has this great great blog called Inspired by Charm, and I just love everything he’s doing, he’s such a great source of inspiration and has over 3 million followers on Pinterest! The emerald green is just to die for, it’s just so original and has that modern but classic Christmas feeling! If you are interested to see more here is the link to the blog post with so many beautiful photos of his home during the holidays!

Numero 2 – As we all know blush pink has been huge this year, but what I like about this tree is it still looks very modern and edgy with a touch of pink. This was designed by Lizbeth, a paid blogger that writes for Home & Fabulous She is a mother, wife, grandma, and an interior designer. She has a lot of great tips including this one: She used cotton (the kind you find in pillows) to fill in the holes area, what a brilliant idea!

Numero 3 – This tree makes me feel like we are outside in the winter on a bright sunny day. The cotton (heavier in this tree) makes it look like it just snowed, and the natural accents makes it feel so real. This was created by Lucy from (It was actually her 2015 tree but I just love it so much, so picked it as my top 8) If you want to read more click the link

Numero 4 – This once again goes out to one of my FAVORITE BLOGGER + STYLIST Mr. Michael Wurm jr. (from Inspired by Charm, he was first on my countdown, this tree is from 2015) The mustard gold and lime green is such a unique color combination, I love it against the white tree! Michael is a master of trees, I especially love the close up shots in his blog, you can see how detailed and meticulous he is! If you want to see more, click the link

Numero 5 – This tree photo I found on (that was mentioned by Michael, Inspired by Charm) How cool is this Ombre Tree, I just feel there is so many different ways to go about it, it’s almost a Neutral really! Any accent color would look amazing, I even like it naked with the color being in the gifts and a piece of furniture like the photo! Here is the link

Numero 6 – If you are more of that monotone personality and like things in a grey scale, I’ve got your tree! One thing I noticed in this photo is instead of using a big bushy garland, why not make something yourself with silky ribbon and pretty Christmas balls! Just brilliant! This tree is from House Beautiful in one of their galleries called 14 Quotes and Festive Room Schemes that will make you feel all christmassy inside… (here is the link: Get the look here

Numero 7 – White Frosted with a touch of gold. We can’t forget how “neutral can be so beautiful” This tree has the perfect little accents of gold in the sea of greys and whites. The simplicity is just beautiful! This was done by Heather (Setting of Four) here is the link to see more photos She even offers a free download my free Holiday Chic Planner

Numero 8 – For the bold and cool cats, just a red tree with lights…..It’s simple, easy and very effective. Especially in a neutral environment what a fun way to amp it up and change the space (with just one piece of decor) for the holidays! My altar ego (Sacha Fierce, still trying to figure out a name for her) she would have this tree in her New York City loft, and after a long day of work, she’d sit and admire the red while having a dry martini! This tree is from (it’s currently out of stock…..I just tried ordering it…lol) 


That is that! Hopefully you enjoyed MY TOP 8 CHRISTMAS TREES for this year. Leave a comment with your favorite!

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