FOUR YEARS in a row for the Eastern Chrysler event, and we love the ability to have full creative control. This group is always up for something new and fun! I work with my amazing sister, and this year we decided to take one of Holly McLean’s ideas and do “SAINTS + SINNERS”

The room was divided into two halves, with the Saints on the left hand side and the Sinners on the right hand side. As guests made their way down the stairs to Assiniboine A+B at the Delta, they were greeted and asked to choose their table number out of a box…not knowing which side they would be sitting on! Then they were asked to enter through the Saint Entrance or the Sinners Entrance! Both entrances brought guests into the and here was the view:

The bars were also split into SAINTS + SINNERS. Guests could find a variety of drinks, but could also try the SAINT SIGNATURE DRINK: Fuzzy Cloud or the SINNERS SIGNATURE DRINK: The Spicy Ceasar (I know which Bar I would of been at…!

The left hand side was the “SAINT SIDE”

We used white chair covers, white wave linen, white floating candles, constructed clouds and kept everything very white and clear! With the table format I wanted to try something a little different and put three round tables together, creating a big centerpiece instead of three small ones…. (kind of a trial run for an amazing wedding we are doing next summer)

The right hand side was the “SINNER SIDE”

We decided to do a red on red. I have been totally in love with layering different shades of color together – there are no rules – let’s be real! So we did a couple of different styles, incorporating black steel pieces that a welder friend of mine¬† (Toni) made for me! I’ve used them so many different ways, I just love the versatility! Check it out! (PS – those “Christmas berries, that I found out are called “ilex”, are real. Simply fabulous!!!)

Here are the amazing vendors that made this event come alive!

VENUE: Delta Hotel Winnipeg

DESIGN + STYLING: French Accent Design

PHOTOGRAPHER: Charmaine Mallari

LINENS + CHAIR COVERS: Planned Perfectly

BACKDROPS: Creating a Scene


LIGTHING: Elite Lighting

STATIONARY: French Accent Design

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