2D to 3D

The term “brainstorming” has been thrown around for so long that it’s hard not to picture people in suits around a boardroom throwing different versions of the same idea.  The thought often makes you want to roll your eyes.  Sometimes, however, all you really need is a glass of wine and the company of a good friend to bounce ideas.

The trick is to avoid stopping yourself.  The words “couldn’t”, “can’t”, “shouldn’t” and “impossible”, shouldn’t be uttered while you’re playing with all the possibilities at your fingertips.  That’s when we need to sketch.

Explaining your design can often be interpreted in different ways or can just be hard to imagine.  So why not provide your clients with a picture?

When our friends at LAT Travel asked for our assistance in designing their luxury resort themed booth for the Wonderful Wedding Show, we designed the concept using Intuos.  What can be more exciting and fun than a destination wedding?  We wanted our booth to represent that.  A call to LUXE furniture helped us get the perfect outdoor setting for our vision.  Our digital sketch served as a recipe for the design and guided us into making it a reality.

We found that it’s important to leave room for a burst of inspiration.  Focus in on the idea, but be ready to improvise.  Keep an opened mind for other ideas to come through without losing sight of our original concept.

I know, it’s a lot, so we put our sketching skills to the test.  It’s amazing how a glass of wine can propel your brainstorming session.  From paper to final product, let us know what you think.


Styling and Design: French Accent Design

Canopy: Dream Day Decorators

Florals: Academy Florist


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