Don’t Wine About It

Let’s face it, weddings are frantic.  Yes, we know the cliche, but it’s true.  Just when you think you have a grasp of things, complications arise, details need changing which require on the spot problem solving. Important decisions must be made quickly.  All of this can be overwhelming when we focus on pleasing others rather than making a simple personal choice.

If you poked your head around the website (and you should), you’ll see that we love wine.  It’s pretty much another family member in our household. For as long as I can remember our parents had a little glass of vino at dinner and many family events would have us gathered around a table with a variety of wines to taste.  So when it came to my wedding and choosing the perfect wine selection, the pressure was on. What do you do when your family is full of amateur connoisseurs? We narrowed it down to a few candidates and brought them home for a final test.  When it came down to the finalists, the one that won me over was called La Vieille Ferme.  Being from a small French country town and the granddaughter of a farmer, this one just seemed to fit.


Most people would call us out on that rookie move.  How silly to choose a wine for its name. I get it. Ease up on that judgement.  La Vieille Ferme was a great dry wine with the right amount of harshness that tickled my nostalgic senses.  Was it the perfect wine? Maybe not. Who’s to say? The wine didn’t win any awards that I’m aware of, and it didn’t receive glowing praise from the best critics.  However, if one person glanced over the bottle and the name brought a smile to their face, then it was the perfect choice.

A memorable moment beats cookie cutter perfection every time. Ps. Here are some photos of our French Famille at the #fromparistopunjab Reception

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