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I will always remember stepping into the Blue Moon Furniture Store for the first time. The look of awe never left my face.  After making one amazing discovery after another and obsessing over the wall of windows that splashed daylight onto every piece, I settled comfortably into the Cocoon II.  Before me sits three generations of women, the Design Dynasty, all passionate about their little Winnipeg shop making waves on the international scene.

The creativity gene runs deep within the family.  At a young age, Sylvia was encouraged by her parents to make her own clothes, “they never said this is too wild, or this is too weird, as long as you make it, we’ll buy the fabric”.  When she started having children, Sylvia’s attention turned to the fashion of her home.

Growing up around the original store on Corydon Ave, Leila was herself bitten by the Blue Moon bug. At twelve years old, she started to earn her favourite pieces by lending a helping hand whenever she had the chance. “There are so many aspects, the business aspect, the design aspect, the sales aspect and being out and involved in the world.”  Eventually pressing pause on her future as an attorney, Leila decided to partake in the family business, thus enabling her creative and analytical sides.  

Walking through Blue Moon’s new home on Pacific Avenue and being surrounded by stunning furniture creations, I couldn’t help imagining, “this is where I’d put this” or “this would be perfect for”.  It got to the point where I considered expanding my tiny Winnipeg home to showcase the artful pieces before me. Apparently, I’m not the only one. Sylvia and Leila both give credit to their customers for sharing ideas about reimagining existing furniture.  Another influence is traveling with purpose. Hoping on a plane and heading out on a last minute adventure fuels the girls’ creative energy. Meeting new people and discovering new cultures opens their minds to fresh ideas from every part of the world. From the colourful dresses throughout the vast Indian fields to the supertrees and the greenery in Singapore, all the history, the buildings built to last and the artistry creates a tapestry of the new and the old.  These elements can all be found in the furniture Blue Moon has to offer.

Blue Moon Furniture represents a collaboration between people and nature. They focus on natural high quality products and step away from the mass production of pieces.  This allows the wood to keep its authentic form thus creating a truly unique product. We’re looking forward to all the new products in the works which includes sectionals, dining chairs and slipcovers for your furniture. The ingenuity of the furniture they have to offer puts this company at the forefront of designs of the furniture world.  

There’s a Blue Moon rising.

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  1. Leila May 10, 2018 at 8:31 pm - Reply

    Great post. It was such a pleasure hosting the French Accrnt team and talking shop. Can’t wait for our next collaboration.

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